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03 May 2013 @ 09:03 pm
To-do-list s:  
I've been wanting to do it since earlier! Finally got to do it. s:
I will complete these by June and/or after O's! :).


Catching up
4. Catch up with Skip Beat!
10. Catch up with Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
11. Catch up with Vampire Knight (I hope I don't get bored >:)
12. Catch up with Q.E.D
16. Catch up with Faster than a Kiss
17. Catch up with Bokura wa Itsumo

1. Read Strobe Edge (again! If I hadn't for the hundredth time s: . New volume please!)
2. Read Aa Itoshi no Banchou sama (again! If I'm bored enough. new volume please!)
3. Read Gakuen Arisu (Better if new volumes come out s:)
4. Read Black Bird
5. Read Nanaco Robin (12 chapters only!)
6. Read Lovely Complex
7. Read Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
8. Read Special A (If I can make it s:)
9. Read Mission! School (for the lulz)
10. Read Soul Eater (becasue I forgot where I stopped s:)
11. Read Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin (Because it's only released like, 4 times a year?!)

Finish Up
1. Chocolate Cosmos
2. Monster Hunter Orage
3. Mashima-en
4. Rockin' heaven
5. Ageha 100%

Catching up
1. Catch up with One Piece
5. Catch up with Meitantei Conan
6. Catch up with Fairy Tail

1. Watch Bakuman
2. Watch Kaichou san wa Meido-sama
3. Watch Keion 2nd season

Finish up
1. SuzuHaru 2009 + Movie
2. All the unfinished ones on MAL s:

1. Pandora Hearts (because Kajiura Yuki is awesome)
2. Fate Stay Night (for the third time because I really don't get it)
3. Kuroshitsuji (I must properly watch it!)
4. Rabu Kon (again again again!!!)

1. Liar Game 2
2. Hidarime Tantei Eye
3. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (KANCHAN~!)
4. Zettai Reido

Finish up
1. Q.E.D -.- . (Left last two episodes!)

1. My boss my hero (!!!! :D:D:D)

1. Shin-chan!
- Arashi wo Yobu Cinema-land no Daibouken! (6 more stages)
2. Pokemon
- Shiny Gold
- Heart Gold
- Soul Silver
3. Mario
- Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
- Yoshi's Island

1. Finish up colour request!
2. Colour those that I've been wanting to colour (a lot >:)
4. Hunt for Setsuna Cruise's album
5. Get missing ZORO's discography
7. Get missing discography due to spoilage of ehdd -.-.
10. Get yozuca* stuffs
11. Finish up Chain Letter/The Cold One
12. Properly rename icons s:
14. Cosplay crazy with Kae again! (IKEMENRABUZ)
15. Clear EHDD! Ohgod.
16. Upgrade colouring skills!
17. Upgrade iconing skills!
18. Watch 8UPPERS Music Film with LAODA HAHA.

and to be continued...

P/S: I will get horror manga(s) for Christmas! *looks around for victim*
saw a bunch of horror shoujo manga ♥
Can't wait to get them all hehehe

P/S/S: This year's anime season is boring! >: . Nothing interests me~

Catching up
1. Catch up with One Piece
2. Catch up with Bleach
3. Catch up with Bakuman
5. Catch up with Kaichou wa Meido-sama! (If I don't lose interest >:)
6. Catch up with Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
7. Catch up with D.Gray-man
8. Catch up with Fairy Tail
9. Catch up with Meitantei Conan
13. Catch up with Otaku no musume-san (yay for new releases!)
14. Catch up with Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
15. Catch up with Suki desu Suzuki-kun


Finish Up
6. Love berrish!

Catching up
2. Catch up with Bleach
3. Catch up with Hagane no Renkinjutsuhi
4. Catch up with B Gata H Kei

4. Watch Majikku Kaitou (If I hadn't already)

Finish up



Finish up


2. Pokemon
- Sapphire

3. New Official Hiatus banner? :3
6. Try pushing Garnet Crow up?
8. Clear torrent list! s: .
9. Retag Anime music (for now s:)
13. Get Suzuki Airi's photos!

- Caught up with Kaichou wa Meido-sama! Chapter 48 as of 10/05/08
- Watched Majikku Kaitou as of 10/05/23
- Cleared Torrent list as of 10/05/21(?)
- Caught up/Done reading Hagane no Renkinjutsushi as of 10/06/11
- Caught up with B gata H kei episode 10 as of 10/06/06
- Pushed up Garnet Crow, at 6th place, Got Suzuki Airi's photo's to the recent ones, Retagged anime songs, Caught up with Bakuman chapter 94 and done with Love Berrish as of 10/07/19
- Caught up with One piece chapter 593 10/07/24 and Detective Conan 742 10/07/25 w/o Hound of Beika Ville.
- Completed the Sapphire game (sadsad!)
- Completed animanga v. of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi! D:
- Caught up with Fairy Tail chapter 218 as of 11/01/15!
- Caught up with Bleach episode 305/chapter 433 as of 11/01/25!
- Caught up with D.Gray-man chapter 204, Otaku no Musume-san chapter 56, KKWH chapter 60 & SDSK vol. 10 as of 11/03/13

V1: 10/05/03 - Did the list.
V2: 10/05/04 - Updated Watch list with Yankee-kun to Megane-chan for dramas,
---------------- - Updated Catch up list with Otaku no musume-san for Manga.
V3: 10/05/10 - Updated specific titles that I'm playing now for Games,
---------------- - Updated list with Misc.,
---------------- - Updated Catch up list with KKWH, SDSK, FTK, BWI & KWMS for Manga.
---------------- - Updated list with Finish Up for Manga.
V4: 10/05/14 - Updated Watch list with Zettai Reido for Drama.
V5: 10/05/23 - Updated Misc. list with SuzuAiri photos,
---------------- - Updated list with Done stuffs.
V6: 10/06/11 - Updated Catch up list and Done stuffs with FMA for manga :'(.
---------------- - Updated Catch up list and Done list with B gata H kei for anime.
V7: 10/07/19 - Updated list with Done Stuffs.
V8: 10/07/25 - Updated list with Done Stuffs.
V9: 10/08/21 - Updated list with Misc. stuffs.
V10: 10/09/15 - Updated list with Misc. stuffs.
V11: 10/10/31 - Updated list with Misc. Stuffs and Done stuffs with Sapphire.
V12: 11/01/21 - Updated list with Done Stuffs with Hagaren/Fairy Tail/banner.
V13: 11/01/25 - Updated list with Done Stuffs with Bleach.
V14: 11/03/17 - Updated list with Done Stuffs with Dgure/Otaku no Musume-san/KKWH/SDSK.
Kae: Perfume // 不自然なガールilove_ryo on May 3rd, 2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
Games XD

Rabu Kon again :x
sandii: Happy! :3sandii_x on May 4th, 2010 07:02 am (UTC)
Games are so vague because there are so many different kinds... :3.

I watch Rabu Kon every holiday! I love it when he finds out about Seiko ;).

Conversely, if you have anything you'dl ike me to do, comment k! I will add it. And I will do it. :b.