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08 August 2011 @ 06:02 pm

Life lor. So fast update again right me. Hehehe. Today has been good. I guess. Studied CT w/ WY yesterday at void deck yayayay. Kinda fun but lol I think my void deck sucks. Her house one better. I did the first few weeks, woke up "early" (Kinda overslept actually, was supposed to be up around 6/7, I got up at 8) and realised I didn't even need to read the first few chapters. Lol.

Kinda gave up hope so sorta browsed/glanced past etc and tried my best. Went on facebook and talked to BK for awhile! Happy and... sad. Lol machiam not close :(. I feel so depressed thinking about what he said lol. Cause secretly I know is true ok. But what can I do??? I also not smart. So hard to balance. Sian. Feel so terrible with myself ok. Y u all not Singaporeans! :(.

Then off to school lor? Met QX on the way LOL v. v. funny. Was walking walking and then "This girl like familiar a." Then is really her! She was apparently walking up and down Blk P - Blk S lol. So cute. So study lor.

Maths that time sleeping lor. received my paper back and kinda upset/shocked. Lol. 25/30 lor? I differentiate the ln function wrongly nb. So pissed. My 1 mark like that fly la???? Fck. Then I see my second qns... I lost 6 marks. Lol I write "t" then end up write write write become plus then factorize wrongly. Somemore when I solve the "e" I put radian mode lor cb. Then answer wrong lor? No answer mark. Wth. But okay la? Considering that day I /totally/ forgot that it was test day and I was just busy studying my German. Hahahah!

Then ICT test liao also sleep. Think not enough sleep lor. Headache. Then halfway through the test feel like sleeping. And then kind of angry because I didn't really know how to answer the questions despite studying it. Tikam all the way. Sian. Headache. Will try to catch people today.


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