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29 February 2012 @ 03:31 am

I need to sort out my feelings argh.

There's nothing to sort out really but I'm starting to feel so insecure. I'm not sure if I'm under immense pressure or what but I can't seem to sleep at night! I'm feeling super sleepy super tired but the moment I lie and close my eyes I'm so awake. I've been forcing myself to sleep for the past few days which probably explains my shittiness.

I can't sleep until 6am each night (and that is by forcing myself to sleep at 6am) and I wake up no later than 10/11am. I drink a cup of milk and it lasts me through dinner. And speaking of which, I last ate 12 hours ago. And I'm still full like fck! I ate lunch and that was 12 hours ago and my stomach is not even growling.

I'm so tired. But I realise that every exam it's always like this for me. I remember tweeting previously about trying to sleep but not being able to. That too is also during exam periods. Oh body why are you like this during exams?

Suddenly losing all my will to do that one thing. Why do I always end up choosing expensive stuffs? Mad pissed at myself.


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