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25 October 2011 @ 11:29 pm

Or journal. Only because tomorrow is a public holiday but I'm stuck with some fucking shit.

Hmm. During my holidays, I have OZ mac delivery me fillet o fish while he's still in America lor omg what is this so nice. First time someone order Mac delivery for me ;__; and foc cause I didn't pay for anything. Touched desu.

I went to the AKB cafe with XM and Poyi last Sunday and it was fun. It's fun because they are nice people and we spent like 2 hours in the cafe eating and playing Uno cards. And the Uno cards are actually like, ONE PIECE UNO CARDS HFLKSHAKLDH AND its just so pretty. You wouldn't believe how we spent like our next three hours. We practically walked to DBG and entered every single figurine shop lol ;__; I wonder if this is what you call happiness.

Or is it because we have same interest so everything is so much more fun =_= I can't imagine going in with my classmates cause they know nuts about it. And it's like so much fun going in with people who knows what the heck is going on! Since XM, Poyi and I were like One Piece fans, we went in almost every shop and were like "omg look at Law and Ace and Luffy afhalkhksf *__*" and we were like touching Sunny Go lol ;__; and we saw Merry Go!! wtf. So technically we were just all staring at figurines and um Poyi was so tempted to buy this figurine and I looked at her and said nooooooooo and dragged her away.

Then I saw nail polish ;__; and wanted to buy and Poyi dragged me away saying that I can't apply anyway so I can't buy omg. So technically the whole trip was the three of us staring at anime figurines and stopping each other from buying everything and everything. Somehow feels like an otaku gathering but it's such things that make me happy cause people understand how I feel and we basically like the same thing so we can stay in the shop for ages without worrying the other party would get sick and tired of waiting etc.

Went to watch Ashita no Joe later and its ok lol I wore shorts but the cinema wasn't even cold like hmmm. Wierd. I still can't watch movies tho and the others are finally convinced that I can't either cause I was so restless throughout and they didn't believe me when I said I would.

Recently has been pretty shit, maybe I'll vent tomorrow because I don't feel like it nao. XD.


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